Lack of Skills and Brains

By on November 9, 2013

Dwight Howard (12) in the 2013 NBA Playoffs. Houston, We may have a problem! Signed, Ott (photo USA TODAY Sports / Richard Mackson)

Dwight Howard is a decent Center, he is not great nor is he a Champion. Howard will give major quality on the defensive side but when it comes to offense he is an absolute bust. He has had some the greatest mentors in the NBA helping him, the likes of Kevin McHale, Hakeem Olajuwon and Kareem Abdul Jabbar and they have all been unable to teach him post moves or a decent way to play the pick and roll. In all actuality I don’t blame the teachers one bit, this all falls on the ego of a man that has been told he is the best Center in the NBA since he came into the League…that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Howard couldn’t win in Orlando, couldn’t win with the Lakers and will not win with the Rockets. He is a clown and crybaby, and he tries to hide it with a Cheshire Cat like smile, it doesn’t fool me one bit. IN fact I think that he knows how terrible he is on offense, especially when it comes to shooting free throws.  He has all the tools and athletic ability to be a dominate force in on both ends, he could power his way to the basket if he would learn how a few basic post moves, moves that his current coach did almost better than anybody. Something is amiss in his head, not all cylinders are firing and over the past 2 seasons he has been exposed. It was hidden in the smaller market of Orlando but when he hit the big time in Los Angeles and with the expectations going to Houston the spotlight shinned brightest.

The Rockets are a playoff caliber team, they have all the pieces in place and yet I wouldn’t bet on them to make it out the West anytime soon. As long as Howard wants to push blame on others, smile and joke around and miss free throw after free throw the Rockets will fail to make into a Championship position.

The main problem I have with Howard is he wants to be “THE GUY” and he will never be “THE GUY” he doesn’t have it in him. If I were putting together a team I would pass on Howard, in fact there are 10 Centers in the league right now that I would pick over him. They may not be the defensive beast that Howard is, or they may not be as athletic as Howard but they know their place in their team, they know what they are great at what they need to do for their team.

I would be more the happy to debate with anyone but here are the 10 Centers I would pick in front of Dwight Howard:

10: Marcin Gortat

9: Brook Lopez

8: DeAndre Jordan

7: Nikola Pekovic

6: Greg Monroe

5: Joakim Noah

4: Pau Gasol

3: Marc Gasol

2: Al Horford

1: Roy Hibbert

I look at Dwight Howard in the same sort of fashion I looked at Terrell Owens, he is cancer to his team, great talent but something is missing in the head. They both find a way to bring those down around them, they both have mental issues that only a trained professional cold truly understand. Dwight Howard has a lot of work to do if he wants to be considered “GREAT”, he has even more work to do if wants to be “THE GUY”. The work he needs to put in , is equally on the court and in his head.

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