Sick and Tired

By on June 18, 2012

David Stern (photo by Jim O'Connor/US Presswire)

I’m tired; I’m actually sick and tired of the horrible officiating in the NBA as well as the way judges score boxing fights. A few recent events have led me to put much thought into this, watching the NBA playoffs I’ve noticed the officials are either blind, have a game plan of their own or are getting instructions from a higher power.

I can’t say its David Stern or even a top NBA executive, but I’ve said all along that the NBA wants Lebron to be the next bigger then life player; they want him to be the next Jordan or Kobe. The NBA has pushed the “Chosen One” in our faces since he was a high school sophomore and hyped him ever more once in Cleveland. I have seen, with my own two eyes, on many occasions Lebron gets the benefit of the doubt on fouls, travels, and goaltending.

I’m not saying the calls all go in his favor, but in the playoffs and in the Finals I’ve seen many more go in his favor than not. I’ve seen him foul players and no calls are made, I’ve seen him take 2 steps, stop, pick up the ball and dribble and drive. That is a travel and I learned that when I was in elementary school, and you are telling me the best of the best in NBA officials can’t see it? I doubt it.

Lebron is not the only one; I’ve seen Dwayne Wade all season long make some flagrant fouls that were no calls. He broke Kobe’s nose, he tossed Rip Hamilton out of bounds and no call at all. I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but things are starting to stack up in the favor of what I feared the most; The NBA NEEDS Lebron to win a championship at any cost.

I’m not here to discuss how Lebron has dominated the stat box or has 3 bogus MVP awards, I’m here just saying that I think the NBA is hell bent on making Lebron the next Jordan, which he is not and never will be no matter the help he gets from the Refs. Lebron an amazing athlete and I’ve always said that, he is freak of nature that can’t pull out the tough shots or plays in the crunch.

The Refs are not there to impact or change the game, yet they have been doing both all of this post season. Maybe it’s not rigged; maybe the NBA needs to find better refs, maybe these guys that get paid to run the court with some of the greatest athletes in the world are just not that good at their jobs. Either way the Refs are deciding the outcome of the games and I can’t stand to watch this any longer. As of Today I am done watching the NBA Finals. If things don’t change I will have to boycott the NBA, as much as it pains me to do so, I can’t stand to watch one of my favorite sports be turned into a sport with the likes of Professional Wrestling.

Manny Pacquiao (PR photo)

As for boxing, well let me just say this, if you let a fight go to the judges expect to be upset, I don’t have a clue what the judges are doing in that sport anymore. I quit watching after the Bradley- Pacquiao fight and I will not watch another fight until the WBO admits the judges were either incompetent or at least overturn the decision.

With that being said I can’t wait for the real American sport of FOOTBALL to start. At least the most annoying thing in the NFL is Pittsburgh Steelers fans and I just ignore them like their parents ignored them as children.

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